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Mahmodul had started his career as a programmer in GPSP. Then he joined CM International Limited as an IT Consultant. But few months later he left that job to fulfill his dream of 4K SOFT LTD, his own software company. In the month of December of 2015 his dream came true and the journey of 4K SOFT LTD was started. As a co-founder and CTO he tried the best to set the reputation of 4K SOFT LTD so high. He was on the position of CTO since 2015 to 2016 and got promoted as CEO in 2016. By his creative leadership and hard work 4K SOFT LTD has become a leading software company of Bangladesh.

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In personal life Mahmodu Hasan Sagar leads a very simple life. He is a man of simple and clean thought. His passion to work is meritorious. Mahmodul was born in Brahmanbaria and there he completed the primary education. Then he moved to Dhaka with family and joined high school there and completed graduation also in Dhaka. He got married in 2018 with Farzana Ema and now he is staying with family at Banasree in Dhaka.His hobbies include travelling, online reading, doing researches etc

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Mahmodul Hasan Sagar
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Mahmodul Hasan always tries to serve the nation by involving with many social and welfare organizations.

From 2011 Mahmodul has been involved with the Search organization which is a social and welfare organization. He is the co founder and standing committee member. Besides he is also the senior vice President of the central committee. This organization works to develop education, health, environment, blood donation etc. He was also involved with another social and welfare organization called Winner Organization in 2013. That time he joined as a general member but from 2014 to 2015 he was the president of this organization. This is concerned about health, education, environment and poverty related welfare activities.

Besides these two he is also involved with different kinds of professional networks/ clubs/ organizations. Moreover he has been appointed as advisor for some students organizations of universities.

President of Winner Organization  .    Senior Vice President of Search Organization   .   Founder of Kasba Online Academy